Child Travel Potty

Compact Portable Children Travel Potties allow children to pee or poop anywhere. Must have in your SUV or car!!!
For all of the times you are traveling and suddenly your child has to go!!! Allows you to stay out of dirty public toilets. Use in car or while hiking, camping, boating, etc. Also, great for toilet training your toddler.


POTETTE PLUS TRAVEL POTTY with 2 in 1 Features



Two Ways to use Potette Plus Travel Potty.  FIRST MODE is STAND ALONE POTTY MODE with Legs Locked in Down Position.  MAKE sure that you SNAP the legs into a SECURE upright position.  May use standard grocery bag with bag handles placed over notches on bottom of the legs, but it is Recommended that you use optional POTETTE Plus POTTY liners.  Biodegradibale leak proof POTETTE PLUS POTTY LINERS also include pad to absorb liquid.  Potette Plus liners are listed as a option below.  Travel without a concern of not finding a public toilet when you child has to “go now.”  Use the potty when you are traveling on local errands and your child has to “go right now.”  Keep the travel potty in your SUV or car at all times.

SECOND MODE is a SIT ON A  STANDARD TOILET MODE  with legs clicked in an outward position.  Potty will then sit on top of a standard toilet seat.  Keeps your child from having to sit on dirty public toilet seat.

USERS say that a child travel toilet is a “MUST HAVE” item.  Do not leave home without it.

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Travel Potty by Cool Gear.  Easy to use and carry.  Folds to compact briefcase size.  Use with 1 gallon bags or with optional POTETTE PLUS liners.  Convenient Storage compartments for bags and wipes.  Road trip MUST HAVE.  For all of the times when you are traveling and your child has to suddenly go with no bathroom available.  Stay out of dirty public toilets.  Also, perfect for toddler potty training.  Easy to carry on hikes, camping, boating, etc.

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Use with Cool Gear or POTETTE PLUS TRAVEL POTTY brand potties.  10 liner refill.  Biodegradable disposable liner holds up to 5 ounces of liquid.  Convenient, hygienic, patented super absorbent pad absorbs liquids.  Lightly fragranced.  Leak-proof bag with tie closure.  Just use bag, seal it and dispose in trash.

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